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Waste oil regeneration / waste oil refining diesel equipment

Waste lubricating oil / waste oil distillation refining equipment usage 

The waste oil (waste lubricating oil) replaced by various types of machinery, ships, motor vehicles or other equipment is distilled and purified to extract base oil, gasoline, diesel, residual oil and other products; The raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, the refining process is simple and automated, and the resulting products are fuel oil, base oil (good oil, high price), and residual can be sold directly for profit.  





Introduction to waste engine oil distillation.

Waste engine oil, fuel oil, crude oil are first added to the fractionation processor heating, through the catalytic reforming process, the oil vapor is distillated, the raw material oil is heated to a certain temperature after passing through the tube furnace, and the oil and gas generated by the connection between the hot oil circulation pump and the primary distillation tower are fed from the primary distillation column into the fractionation column, after the negative pressure process.   Oil and gas enter the first line, the second line and the third line respectively. Light oil, diesel oil, heavy oil are produced separately. Non-recyclable exhaust gases are directed into the furnace for combustion.





Advantages of continuous distillation equipment:


Large capacity, automatic continuous production, advanced technology, daily processing capacity of 30-100 tons;
The final product can be as follows: gasoline, diesel or base oil, diesel can meet the national four standards, good oil, good quality control;
Fast heating, non-stick wall, easy to clean;
Safety: automatic submerged arc welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, manual and automatic safety devices, indirect heating, high safety performance;
Unique horizontal design, conversion rate of 100%, good efficiency, considerable profits;
National patent, unique insulation shell design: excellent thermal insulation effect, good energy saving effect;
The condenser is thoroughly cooled, the oil yield is high, the oil quality is good, the service life is long, and it is easy to clean;
National patent, original water film type desulfurization and dust removal: can effectively remove acid gas and dust, to meet the relevant national standards;
The control system has a high degree of automation, and the operation of the entire production line can be fully displayed on the control table, which is more intuitive and comprehensive. Daily processing 30-100T;

oil picture



Social benefits and application prospects:

For the resource, reduction and harmless treatment of waste mineral oil / waste engine oil, it is a great benefit, can process a large number of waste mineral oil / waste engine oil every year, is the effective way to deal with waste mineral oil / waste engine oil, has good social benefits.

Our design of environmentally friendly and energy-saving low-temperature negative pressure distillation equipment, waste mineral oil / waste engine oil effectively realize the resource, reduction and harmless treatment; This advanced treatment method can not only avoid environmental pollution, but also crack the product, are reusable resources.

Because this set of equipment in the process of processing waste mineral oil / waste engine oil using environmental protection, energy saving, safe and harmless treatment methods, there is no secondary emissions, superior performance, advanced and feasible in technology, less investment, more raw materials, fast results, and has been sold to dozens of countries and regions, has broad market prospects.