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Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, the company was founded in 2008, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in one specialized in waste resources comprehensive utilization equipment manufacturing professional institutions. Up to now, Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd. has 52 national patents (including 4 invention patents), 5 software Copyrights and 10 scientific and technological achievements of Henan Province.

In recent years, under the support of government and relevant functional departments, the company developed rapidly, at present the company years production and sales all kinds of large complete sets of environmental protection equipment 100 Taiwan (sets), the main business income of more than 100 million yuan, annual exports ChuangHuiE more than $900, the annual revenue of ten million yuan, for many years been rated as advanced export enterprises, tax advanced units. In recent years, the company has been identified as "high-tech enterprise", "little giant of science and technology enterprises in henan province", "energy conservation and emissions reduction in henan province science and technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "e-commerce demonstration enterprise of henan province", "intelligent equipment cultivate enterprise of henan province", "excellent non-public enterprises industry LingJunXing shangqiu", "the mayor of shangqiu quality prize", etc.; The company's trademark "Jinpeng" was identified as "Henan Province famous trademark"; The products produced by the company were identified as "the first major technical equipment in Henan Province".




"What do we do to protect the environment?"


The company's main business is the research and development, production and sales of special equipment for environmental protection. In the treatment of waste tires, medical waste, waste plastics, waste oil sludge and other waste resources recycling and comprehensive utilization of rich experience, leading technology. After many years of technical research, our company has developed a unique thermal catalytic cracking new technology, with less investment in equipment, simple production process and other advantages. The waste resources treatment equipment launched by the company is the current domestic technology leading environmental protection treatment equipment (including thermal cracking equipment, distillation equipment, rubber powder production equipment, carbon black deep processing equipment, etc.).

The equipment technology developed and produced by the company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 international environmental system certification, European and American standard quality system CE certification. With high-quality products, good reputation, quality service, products sold in nearly 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, exported to the world's five continents: Spain, Poland, Austria, etc.; America, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, etc.; South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, etc.; Australasia, Papua New Guinea, etc.; More than 70 countries in Africa, including South Africa, Angola and Egypt.