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Domestic waste treatment equipment

Introduction of domestic waste treatment equipment

Collection and sorting of domestic waste and separate.

Steel is sold directly, organic matter is fermented and used as fertilizer, inorganic matter is landfilled or made into industrial bricks, plastic and rubber are reprocessed in in biomass decomposition systems;;

Plastic and rubber-based biomass is decomposed and reprocessed to obtain oil products, which can be sold or further processed for oil-based power generation projects.

Domestic waste treatment project - pre-sorting equipment.





Pre-sorting equipment process description.

a. The garbage is first unloaded to the platform, and sent to the plate conveyor by the loader, which is equipped with a fabric machine in front of the plate conveyor, and the fabric machine has the function of even feeding; then the garbage is transferred to the manual sorting platform by the belt machine, where the sorting workers will check out and select (or add coarse breaking machinery) the large objects (quilts, cotton clothes, large tree trunks, branches, long sticks, wine bottles, etc.) and hazardous waste garbage.

b. After manual sorting, the garbage directly enters the bag breaker, which can tear the bagged garbage for subsequent processing.

c. After breaking the bag, the garbage is sent into the drum sifter by belt conveyor for sieving, according to the requirements of this process we set the screen plate aperture of the drum sifter 50mm, the drum sifter can divide the garbage into more than 50mm and less than 50mm, the material less than 50mm is mainly organic material, this part of organic material after the hanging magnetic separator to select the iron material (bottle caps, batteries coins, etc.). The organic material goes directly to the composting workshop for processing, and the ferrous material goes to the metal recycling area.

d. More than 50mm of the sieve on the material can be selected by magnetic separation of the iron material in the sieve (mainly iron beverage cans and iron packaging cans), after magnetic separation of the sieve on the material by the belt conveyor into the integrated wind separator for wind selection processing, integrated wind separator can be selected by the heavy material in the sieve (masonry stone, porcelain, glass tile rubber shoes, etc.), the rest of the material is a combustible mixture (mainly containing hard plastics, textiles, rubber shoes, rubber products, wet paper products, light plastics, etc.).

5. The heavy material is manually sorted to select the usable material and then directly transported out to landfill or centralized use (crushed to make bricks). The combustible mixture is sent to the coarse crusher and fine crusher by the belt machine to crush it into less than 50mm particle size, and then there is a belt machine to send it to the biomass decomposition system.


Domestic waste treatment project - late stage biomass decomposition equipment.



Flow chart of domestic waste biomass decomposition treatment equipment.




Decomposition process of plastic and rubber biomass in domestic waste


1. After sorting and crushing domestic waste, it will be continuously fed to the biomass decomposition kettle through automatic feeder, catalytic heating and distillation of oil steam.

2. Oil and gas are buffered by steam ladle and enter into condenser, which can be liquefied part and condensed into fuel oil.

3. The non-liquefiable part, i.e. synchronous gas, passes through the water seal of the safety device and enters the synchronous gas purification system to remove acidic gas and dust, then most of the combustible gas is poked into the combustion chamber to be burned as fuel, and a small portion of the excess combustible gas is introduced into the excess gas combustion chamber to be burned or collected.

4. The soot generated from the whole combustion process is removed from the acidic gas and dust by the desulfurization and dust removal system of the soot, which is discharged after reaching the national environmental protection standard, and the carbon black is output through the closed slag discharge system during the production process.







Technical Parameter


Suitable Raw Materials

   Small pieces of Waste tire, rubber, waste plastic≤5cm


Operating Mode

Fully Continuous Operation



Horizontal Type Revolve


Loading and discharging

Fully automatic feeding and discharging under high temperature at same time





Work Pressure

Slightly Negative Pressure


Oil Yield of tyres



Reactor Rotational Speed



Installation Power



Cooling Method

Cycle water


Type of Drive

Sprocket Wheel


Heating Method



Noise dB(A)



Main Reactor Weight (MT)

About 20Mt


Total Weight(MT)

About 45Mt


Installation Space Required









 Delivery time